Program Rules & Regulations

  1. There is no visitation during Withdrawals. Residential, IOP-D, and LIR clients may be authorized visitations by their counselors after being in the program for a total of 15 days (not including Withdrawal).
  2. No more than $10.00 is allowed in Withdrawal and no more than $20.00 is allowed in the residential programs.
  3. Withdrawal patients are allowed the opportunity to make one phone call at admission and one after being discharged. If you do not get through, you will not be given another opportunity to make a call until you have been medically discharged. Clients leaving AMA will not be allowed to make a phone call. There is no exception to this rule. Clients stepping down from Withdrawal to QBH’s Residential program will have to obtain a pass from their counselor in order to make a phone call. Passes are usually issued after 14 days. Phone calls for medical, legal, and insurance reasons are the only exceptions to this rule.
  4. Patients are not allowed to fraternize with other clients or staff members.
  5. No loitering in the halls or at the monitor and/or nurse’s station.
  6. No loitering in other client’s bedrooms, you are only allowed to enter the bedroom assigned to you.
  7. A clear visualization of your bed must be maintained at all times.
  8. You are required to attend all unit activities (AA, NNA, Alanon, Didactics, Group and Counseling Sessions) unless you have been given specic permission by the program director to be excused from a particular activity.
  9. Clients are not to leave their unit unless escorted by a staff person.
  10. No sexual activities between clients, or staff and clients at any time. If there is any inappropriate sexual behavior all parties involved will be discharged immediately.
  11. Smoking is only permitted during designated times and at the designated smoking area. Any violations of this will result in termination from the program.
  12. Food and drinks are not permitted on the oor other than in the designated eating area.
  13. Profanity is not tolerated, if you continue to use profanity after being warned, you will be terminated from the program.
  14. Stealing, borrowing, bartering and gambling are not allowed.
  15. Unauthorized possession and/or use of any intoxicants, narcotics or controlled substances will result in immediate termination from the program.
  16. Do not take any food/drink out of the dining area.
  17. Patients must follow the program schedule. Patients are to groom themselves at least twice a day (showering, washing themselves, brushing their teeth and combing their hair). Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. In the residential program, clients are allowed to bring up to four sets of clothing, two pairs of shoes, one pair of house slippers, a few pairs of underwear and socks.
  18. NO shorts that are above hands-width above the knee, no see-through garments, biker pants, sunglasses, leather clothing, halter tops, muscle shirts, or silk shirts.
  19. All beds are to be made before leaving the room for any activity.
  20. Electronic devices are prohibited, including cameras, video or audio equipment, CD/tape players/recorders or any other kind of recording device, cell phones, or beepers. If any of these prohibited items are found in the rooms, they will be destroyed and discarded.
  21. Clients are not allowed to leave their automobiles in the parking lot or around the building. Clients must have someone else drop them off.
  22. Yelling or loud talking is not permitted.
  23. While in Withdrawal, all medications must be prescribed, authorized by the staff physician and administered by the medical staff. Patients administer their own medications in the residential programs but the medications must be kept locked by the program staff under the nurse’s supervision.
  24. Withholding medication, palming, stealing, or selling medications is not allowed and will result in an immediate discharge.
  25. You are expected to tidy up the day room after each meal on a rotating basis.
  26. Each client is entitled to sit in one chair in the day room, no propping feet up on the chairs or lying in the chairs.
  27. Stealing from staff and/or clients may result in an immediate discharge.

The following are not permitted at any time and are grounds for immediate discharge:

  • Use of or possession of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Violence or threats of violence
  • Fraternizing with other persons
  • Violation of smoking policy
  • Possession of any type of weapon, i.e. guns knives, etc.
  • Physical contact – i.e. sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior

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